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Volvo Construction Equipment has released the L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180H High-Lift and L220H wheel loaders, packed with upgraded features that promote faster cycle times and up to 20% greater fuel efficiency.

Introducing the new H-Series wheel loaders, boasting the latest Volvo technology, including the second-generation OptiShift and the new load-sensing hydraulics and transmission.

Based on the proven G-Series wheel loaders, the L150H, L180H and L220H offer up to 15% greater fuel efficiency, while the L110H and L120H deliver up to 20%. Contributing to this increase is the next generation OptiShift, which allows operators to customize the lock-up engagement of their machines, as well as the powerful engine, attachment optimization, and all-new dry P-brake, designed to eliminate drag losses. The improved OptiShift technology integrates the Reverse By Braking (RBB) function and the new torque converter with lock-up, creating a direct drive between the engine and transmission. Also helping to reduce fuel consumption is the eco pedal, which applies a mechanical push-back force in response to excess use of the accelerator, and latest hydraulic system, which regenerates the oil in the lift/tilt cylinder circuits and deactivates the hydraulic pumps.
For ultimate stability and efficiency, the H-Series wheel loaders have been upgraded with a new transmission, which works in harmony with the engine and axels. The new converter delivers increased torque output, resulting in better performance at low speeds. For faster acceleration and smooth operation, the steps between the gears have been reduced. Combined with the advanced load-sensing hydraulics – designed to enhance the responsiveness of attachments and improve the lifting and lowering speed of the boom – the updated H-Series wheel loaders deliver up to 10% better productivity than the G-Series.

Not only are the upgraded H-Series wheel loaders highly efficient, they are also highly versatile for a wide range of applications – from material handling and waste and recycling to re-handling, slag handling and block handling. Volvo’s unique Torque Parallel (TP) linkage delivers high breakout torque and excellent parallel movement throughout the entire lifting range.
To minimize energy losses and maximize performance, the machines come with a choice of dedicated Volvo attachments, manufactured as an integral part of the wheel loader, with functions and properties ideally matched. The range of attachments includes forks and grapples, as well as a variety of buckets. The new Volvo Rehandling buckets are redesigned with convex slides and an improved spill guard to ease filling and minimize spillage. As an option, the Boom Suspension System reduces bucket spillage, boosting productivity by as much as 20% on rough ground.
With Load Assist, a dynamic load weighing system, customers can manage their work orders and easily monitor productivity. Powered by the 10in. Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen, Load Assist keeps track of the amount of material moved, ensuring profit in every bucket.


Built to work hard, the Volvo wheel loaders possess a number of features that strengthen operator performance, such as the latest bucket leveling function, which allows the bucket to return to level from dump and curl positions automatically. Visibility from the cab is enhanced by the redesigned rearview mirrors and a rearview camera, available as an option. The rearview camera works with the radar detect system to warn the operator of unseen objects with a visual and audible alert. With the option of either single or multi levers and a choice of three hydraulic modes – according to preferred responsiveness – the H-Series wheel loaders can be customized to enhance comfort and productivity. For added convenience, Comfort Drive Control enables the machine to be steered from a small lever – particularly useful for fast-paced truck loading operations.

The L110H, L120H, L150H, L180H, L180H High-Lift and L220H wheel loaders offer easy maintenance to promote high uptime. The engine hood opens electronically, enabling the operator or technician to gain full access to the engine compartment. The tilting cab can be operated hydraulically to either a 30º or 70º angle, providing unrestricted access to vital components. Daily service checks can be carried out quickly and simply thanks to grouped service points. Brake wear indicators placed on the wheels make it easy to check the condition of the brakes. The rear axle cradles contain greased-for-life bushings and bearings and so are maintenance-free. As for the cooling fan, it can be reversed for self-cleaning of the cooling units.
For extended service intervals, the axles, transmission, hydraulic tank and fuel tank have replaceable breather filters – located remotely – to prevent them from dirt and moisture contamination. The brakes are outboard mounted, and the oil circulation cools the front and rear axles. To reduce component wear, delayed engine shutdown can be scheduled to activate automatically. The new function turns off the machine when the turbocharger has cooled down to the appropriate temperature.
In addition, handrails and steps have been painted orange, to help maintenance staff and operators navigate their way around the machine. These help the machine to get back on the job as quickly as possible.
Combining local knowledge with global experience, Volvo also offers a range of services to increase profitability. Genuine Volvo Parts, custom-built attachments, and proactive machine monitoring are just some of the many solutions, designed to reduce total cost of ownership throughout the entire life of the machine.